Begin Again


Hello, world! Welcome to the 100th blog that I made since I started blogging in 2009! I can't believe I poured my own blood, sweat, and tears into a new blog again after years of jumping from one blog site to another.

I made this website in 2017 but I was only able to launch it this year because I want to fix myself first before interacting with you. Loljk my laptop broke and I lost everything so I had to start from scratch! But hey, that's okay! You know what they say: Life is unpredictable, but don't be afraid to begin again because it's a chance to build something better (there’s the title reference!).

I made this blog because I can't stop thinking about going back to blogging since I went on a hiatus when I got my first job two years ago. Many things happened in my hiatus; I'm now a Christian, vegan, and a minimalist! I'm also trying to live a holistic lifestyle to take care of my mental health.

As a new Christian, I still have a lot to discover, and I want to share with you everything that I'll learn in my spiritual journey. I'm also going to blog about veganism, minimalism, mental health, and the environment to give you references in living ethically and compassionately so we could hopefully heal our planet together.

Feel free to suggest topics that you want me to talk about. If you want to join me in my journey, please subscribe to my Bloglovin! I hope we can grow and become wiser together. God bless you!

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