The National Animal Rights Day Philippines

NARD gravestone.jpg

The Philippines finally joined other countries in celebrating the National Animal Rights Day on June 3! 

The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) is established by a nonprofit animal rights and planet conservation organization, Our Planet, Theirs Too. It focuses on honoring all animals who die every year by human hands and raising awareness of their rights.

We celebrated NARD at Rizal Park in Manila, where we had a solemn, memorial ceremony for the animals then read and signed the Declaration of Animal Rights. After a lunch break where we had a vegan potluck full of mouthwatering vegan food, a few animal rights advocates gave speeches about animal rights and how we can effectively spread awareness of what’s really happening to animals behind closed doors. The program ended with touching performances by talented vegans.

Reading the Declaration of Animal Rights was a heartbreaking experience for me because it made me see the gravity of what we're doing to others—how atrocious we can be to those who are weaker than us. I find it appalling that we exploit, harm, and kill billions of land animals and trillions of sea animals every year, yet those actions are accepted in our society. We’re so disconnected from what’s on our plate that when we see rotting animal corpses, we see food rather than poor beings who were killed unnecessarily even though they didn't want to die. When we see animal secretion, we see food meant for us instead of food meant for their offspring.

One of the reasons why I started practicing mindfulness is because I want to become more aware of my thoughts and actions. I believe that we’re all connected; therefore, our decisions and actions – no matter how small – have an effect on others.

If you're not vegan, please consider watching Earthlings to see what really happens in the animal industry. Please also remember that the animal industry victimizes not only animals but also humans (e.g., immigrants, people of color, and poor communities). It is also one of the leading causes of the destruction of our environment.

If you're already vegan, please consider becoming more involved in ending violence toward animals. We have to be their voice until all cages are empty. The animal rights movement already started in the Philippines, and if you want to join us, please don't hesitate to message me.

May we all be free and at peace.