Vegans Versus the World


People usually have a negative reaction to veganism not only because of the misconceptions about it but also because of vegans.

Last month, there were allegations that vegan activists are sending death threats to people working in the animal industry. Whether these allegations are true or not, I want to clarify that we do not condone violent behavior in the vegan community; instead, we encourage each other to be peaceful and to understand nonvegans as much as possible because we know that most of us were taught by the animal industry that it’s acceptable to exploit and kill other beings for food, products, and entertainment.

I admit, I was vexed because I think it's unfair that we're demonized by everyone yet when people in the animal industry verbally attack or physically assault vegans who are just participating in a peaceful form of activism, everybody seems to be silent. Activists who fight for others' rights are labelled as terrorists, while those who exploit and harm others are revered by society.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you’re not allowed to criticize.
— Voltaire

When I just started being vegan, I got attacked and mocked in almost every social gathering even though I wasn't preaching; I just wanted to eat my food quietly. Some people told me they dislike vegans because they're peachy, yet these people were the ones pushing their beliefs down my throat.

I finally snapped after months of enduring unfair treatment; I was full of negativity, and it showed in my social media posts, but I eventually realized that fighting fire with fire is not the best decision because veganism is all about love, compassion, and mercy for all beings. It's exhausting to deal with impolite people, but the Word of God reminded me that we should love and forgive those who hurt us.

I understand that some vegans are angry because of how nonvegans perceive and treat us no matter how gentle we are, but I don't want to add to the toxicity because we're all victims of the animal industry.

And being clear about moral obligations does not mean judging people. I have many acquaintances who are not vegan. I do not judge them, but I am always clear with them that we cannot justify animal use morally and veganism is a basic moral obligation for us all.
— Gary L. Francione

My behavior was unchristian, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended by my posts; I admit that some of them already crossed the line. I shouldn't be judgmental because I was also raised as a nonvegan and it took me 24 years to realize how inhumane the animal industry is. However, I want to clarify that I would still speak up for the animals because I strongly believe that it is not morally justifiable to exploit and kill them just because we can. Besides, we were taught at church to help those who are less fortunate instead of making their lives worse. I would continue to join other activists in educating people about the truth because I don't want everyone to remain in the dark; now that my eyes were opened, I have a responsibility to spread the truth instead of doing nothing to stop the injustices around me.

In addition, I hope we would all focus on the actual victims of the animal industry – animals and humans – because veganism isn't about vegans; it's about justice and stopping violence.

If you want to know more about the issues mentioned above, feel free to watch the following video: